If you are taking both prescription and non-prescription medications and would like to learn more about your medicines, you may benefit from a MedsCheck.  We’ll cover things like what they’re for, possible side effects, how they interact with other medicines and how to fit your treatment around your lifestyle.

Get a medscheck today.

A 45-minute private consultation at your local Friendlies pharmacy.

What is a MedsCheck?

A MedsCheck is a one on one consultation with you and a Friendlies Pharmacist in a private room. Your pharmacist will go through each medication you are taking, answer any questions you may have, ensure you know the role of each, and will then offer advice on how and when to take your medications for the best effect.

A customised medicine list is created just for you, which can be helpful for family members and your doctor. An action plan is also produced in the event there are things identified in the consult that are opportunities for improvement in your health, including referral to your doctor if required.

A MedsCheck takes about 45 minutes and may be claimable through Medicare.

Is it for me?

If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, there’s a good chance you will benefit from a MedsCheck:

  • Do you ever forget to take your medications?
  • Do you understand how your medication works?
  • Do you think you are experiencing side effects?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by your medicines?
  • Would you like reassurance that you are taking your medicines at the right time for best effect?

Do I qualify for a free MedsCheck?

The Friendlies MedsCheck is free for Medicare Card holders who:

  • Are living at home, i.e. not in a care facility and
  • Have not had a Medicare funded medication check (such as a MedsCheck, Diabetes MedsCheck or Home Medicine Review) in the last 12 months AND at least one of the below:
  • Are taking five or more prescription medicines
  • Have experienced a recent significant medical event (for example a hospital admission for a new condition such as a heart attack or stroke, or admission to hospital for worsening of an existing condition)
  • Taking a medication with a high risk of side effects

Service eligibility applies. Terms and conditions.