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Join a growing, well-respected pharmacy brand and play your part in shaping the role of community pharmacies across Western Australia. Get in touch with us below to find out more.

Why Friendlies

Friendlies Pharmacy is one of Western Australia’s most established pharmacy brands, and has been providing great service and professional health advice to locals for over 30 years. We’re dedicated to helping our customers look after their health, and are genuinely excited about growing the Friendlies brand and shaping the future of community pharmacies in WA.

We are so much more than your average pharmacy franchise group. When you join the Friendlies team, you’re not just investing in a respected brand — you’re joining a well-supported, innovative and professional franchise network.

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Our unique approach

The continually evolving health care industry has created opportunities for community pharmacies across Western Australia. We recognise these opportunities and have established a unique approach to better meet community needs and deliver a sustainable pharmacy business model. We’re different because of:

  • Our focus on delivering a comprehensive range of health services and support programs to the community.
  • Our strategic partnership with HBF, Western Australia’s largest health fund.

At Friendlies we believe in providing expert and personalised health care through a diversified, full service, health-centred model. It’s this unique and sustainable approach that provides the building blocks to help our franchise partners succeed.

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Join us and get a competitive advantage

By joining Friendlies, you’ll have access to a unique model that will support your long-term business success through:

A strategic partnership with HBF

  • To further develop our sustainable health-focused model, we have formed a strategic partnership with HBF, Western Australia's largest health fund.
  • Unique to the Friendlies Pharmacy group, our partnership with HBF means we can offer health services that are fully or partially covered through HBF health insurance. This provides a compelling reason for HBF’s 900,000 members to choose Friendlies and also means our pharmacies are able to maintain their margins on health services.

Access to a comprehensive range of health services and programs

At Friendlies, we are dedicated to helping customers look after their health which is why we’ve developed a range of tailored health services and programs that not only add value to the health of our customers, but also provide a means for business sustainability.

The backing of a strong pharmacy brand

The Friendlies brand is well-recognised and highly regarded in local communities. Customers identify Friendlies as a leading customer service pharmacy that offers great products at good prices. We’re now also leading the way in health service delivery and are increasingly recognised as a ‘trusted health advisor’ by our customers.

Integrated group marketing campaigns

  • We support our franchisees with integrated group level marketing campaigns across various types of media, including catalogues, radio, print and web. These campaigns drive traffic to stores, support retail sales, and encourage uptake of health services.
  • In addition to group level marketing, each pharmacy is allocated a local area marketing budget to support the success of their business.
  • Our partnership with HBF also provides us with additional opportunities to reach HBF members through a range of channels.

An established membership program

At Friendlies, we offer a valuable loyalty program that rewards our customers and encourages them to return to our pharmacies to receive discounted purchases and exclusive offers.

Group buying and retail support

As a franchisee, you’ll have access to everyday buying deals, and you’ll be provided with the retail and point-of-sale support you need to run a successful business. This includes sales analysis and reporting, a group website, booking systems, HICAPS and IT support.

Store optimisation

We’ll help you make your store look great and support your retail performance through assistance with category analysis and management, merchandising, planograms, store design, in-store marketing and retail execution of campaigns.

Business development

We regularly visit our stores to provide ongoing business development support across sales data and analytics, health service reporting, and industry and group benchmarking.

Ongoing training

As well as initial training, we offer an ongoing training program covering customer service and sales, health services and all of our products.

Contact Us

If you share our vision for fostering healthy communities and want to know more about Friendlies franchising opportunities, call (08) 9265 6478 or send us an email.

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